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True Stories about how fashion has made a difference in our lives.

"If Our Clothes Could Talk" stories celebrate the diversity of people's experiences in wearing, designing and connecting with life through clothing. Submit your photos with a poem or story (150 words or less) of your favorite outfit from The Wardrobe. Tell us why you loved wearing it and you could win a $50 gift card and be featured on our blog! Click here to send us your photos along with your story!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

If Our Clothes Could Talk Short Story Contest

True stories about how fashion has made a difference in our lives.

Having dressed numerous brides as a style coach, Heather Caswell, owner of The Wardrobe, feels like she has been married over 1,000 times.  Through these experiences, she recognizes we all have a unique story to share.

     Fashion tells a story…
     about where we’ve been, where we are,
     and where we are going.

     "Life is not be measured by the number of  breathes we take,
     but by the moments that take our breath away."
- Maya Angelou

We all have a story that reveals our most meaningful and memorable experiences through an article of fashion. How has a dress, a pair of shoes, or a jacket,  shaped or added magic to your life? Our goal is to find out how fashion has added more fun or made a difference in your life.

Our dresses have gone places.  
They've attended the Academy Awards. 
Won Emmy's.  
Even met Presidents.

     "Fashion wasn't what you wore someplace anymore;
     it was the whole reason for going"- Andy Warhol

Think of a time when a favorite fashion item has added a little magic to your  life.  Maybe it was a special dress that your wore for a fortieth birthday party that transformed you into a butterfly.  Maybe it was a pair of pearl earrings that were given to you by your grandmother that you wore on your wedding day.  Or maybe it was a pair of sexy shoes that you were wearing when you met your fiance on the train.  Maybe it was the silly cat costume that you were wearing at a Halloween party that got you a promotion.

Share an occasion or an experience when something fashion related has added fun or meaning to your life.  Let yourself be ruled only by your imagination.

Share a story and express yourself in 1000 words or less.
 Submit your short story between  November 15th and May 15th, 2010.
Include an interpreted image of the item in a photo or sketch, if possible.
Please submit your story under one of the following themes:
  • Special Occasion Wear
  • Wedding Dress
  • Everyday Dress
  • Shoes
  • Accessories (hats, scarves, purses, etc.)
  • T-shirt
  • Jeans
  • Bathing Suit
  • Suit
  • Jacket/Sweater
  • Jewelry
  • Costumes
  • Other
    To Submit your story, please e-mail it to along with the image.
    The winning stories will be shared here on our blog, If Our Clothes Could Talk. Prize is (1) $500 giftcard to The Wardrobe or (1) $500 scholarship.  Winners will be announced at a special event in Spring, 2010


    Heather Caswell said...
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    Autumn Labbe-Renault said...

    Dear Heather,

    Congratulations in launching this blog! Looking forward to seeing what evolves, and perhaps I will write something and submit...