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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Up, Clothes, and Personal

If our clothes could talk...
    They would tell us many wonderful things,
             Like how their color matches our eyes,
                     And how much they want  to go out and sing.

If our clothes could talk...
    They would tell us not so pleasant things,
             Like when we're becoming too indulgent,
                     Eating lots of ice cream and fried chicken wings.

If our clothes could talk...
    They would say comforting things,
             Like please dear don't cry,
                     Wipe your tears on my sleeve, it will be all right.

Among other things,
    If our clothes could talk they would say...
              We are creatures created too.
                     Treat us with love and care,
                              With comfort and support,
                                      Just the way we do you.

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