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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Where did you get those pants!?

This week's short story submission!  Enjoy!

After weeks of waiting on a special order for custom tailored yellow faux fur pants, I was told that the particular fabric was no longer available. The store did have them on the rack, already made and in my size, but... they were pink. Originally, I was very opposed to wearing anything pink and it took some serious convincing from the shop owner before I even tried them on in the dressing room. This fellow was so confident I'd be pleased with the results once I ventured out into the world wearing them that he made me a most amazing and rare offer. He let me have the pants completely for free, but on one condition. I had to bring back pictures of myself having a blast in these pants that he could post on the wall to show other customers. Considering the hefty cost I'd have been a fool to turn this deal down, so off I went with a bulging bagful of faux fur frolic.

I soon learned there's no denying the power of pink fur pants when it comes to meeting fun new friends. Only five minutes into my first daring excursion someone came up excitedly asking where did I get these crazy pants and if they could please touch. Clearly there was something simply irresistible about these two-legged wonders. That was only the beginning of many who felt utterly compelled to come up and just start petting. I'm sure if these pants could talk they would undoubtedly get me into all kinds of trouble, like a gossipy best friend who knows everything and somehow can't resist telling the whole world, even after swearing to absolute secrecy.
So in time I went back to that little clothing store and made good on my promise. I brought them a burgeoning collection of photos showing all the friendly folks these wonderful pants had introduced me to on my travels, plus a check amounting to twice the original asking price. But most importantly, I hand-delivered a "thank you" card to the shop owner for encouraging me to get over my pink prejudice, take a risk, and by doing that ultimately discover what came to be my best Summer ever.
Of course, now wonder what would have happened if I had gotten them in yellow.

-by Sean Christopher

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