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Sunday, January 24, 2010

"The Most Beautiful Dress"

Share Marcia Munich's love for fashion and become entranced by "The Most Beautiful Dress."

When I was 5 years old,I embarked on my first adventure into the "World of Fashion".

Having seen a dress in the window of a small children's shop in Tuscaloosa, Ala. a week earlier, I invited my friend and neighbor, Frank (also 5 years old), to accompany me to view this example of Haute Couture for "little people".

WITHOUT parental permission and TOTALLY against ALL my mom's rules, Frank and I started out to see "The Dress".

The shop was about a half a mile from my house--through 2 busy intersections over railroad tracks and into the Jitney Jungle (a grocery store) shopping center. We navigated the trail without incident, walked into the store, and straight to the size 6X, light blue organza dress with pastel plaid ruffles around the neckline and hem. The attached petticoats billowed under the soft layers and I turned to my little friend, Frank, and said "Isn't this the most BEAUTIFUL dress you have ever seen?" (I don't remember Frank's response)--Nor do I remember the shop owner's comments or response.

However, two days later, my mother called me inside as a package had arrived for me.I opened it and there was "the most beautiful dress".

Years later my mother told me that the shop owner was so over-whelmed by my enthusiasm for "just viewing" the dress that she decided that I MUST have it.

The moral to my litlle story is that sometimes "just looking" means a lot more that "just looking"!

Marcia Munich

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