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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Grown-Up Security Blanket

By Ashley Mariano

Knee-high in study guides, piles of homework, and a plethora of other school-related tasks to complete by the end of the night, I had just about given up. We all know the stress that comes with starting a new journey in life. It can be so unbearable that sometimes all you want to do is curl up in a little ball. However, that just isn’t possible when life is THAT hectic. So I thought to myself, “what did I do as a kid? How did I cope with starting a new grade or activity?” Well, if you can recall, we each had our own security blankets that we carried around. I would bring my favorite brown teddy bear, complete with a little pink ribbon, which I hand-made on a kindergarten fieldtrip or wear my cute-as-a-button jelly shoes every day.
But it would be crazy to bring those nostalgic trinkets to my college dorm, let alone wear them around campus. So one morning while I was rifling through my mom’s closet for the 93598th time, I found the most adorable ring! It has a classic, vintage vibe that blends perfectly with my overall style. A nameless ring without a unique story or even remembrance of the place she found it, this tri-color beauty soon became my very own Pandora’s box. But instead of unleashing all of the world’s sins it unleashed all of the strength I needed to buckle down and complete my tasks. Although it can be difficult living independently and away from home this ring gives me the security and reassurance that my family and friends are just a phone call or car ride away.
With all the ups and downs in life I know that just by having this ring on my right index finger I have all the strength, power, and love to persevere with my dreams. So in honor of mother’s day this past weekend, I just wanted to say, thanks mom! And as corny as it sounds, this ring never leaves my finger because your love will never leave my heart (I should start writing Hallmark cards). 

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