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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


By Mabel Yang

This is a pair of black Anne Klein sling back heels.

Classy, yet trendy enough for a 17, soon-to-be-18, year old senior about to leave behind the remains of her childhood  and step into the world of adulthood. I found them amidst racks of shoes in a discount store and scored them for an unbelievable $15. And they were completely new. It was probably love at first sight (and I’ve loved many a pair of shoes), but this was the pair I had to have and for such an affordable price, it was like I was meant to have them. Clearly, destiny was calling. It was perfect.

Looking back, I can only say that I was right.

They’re a little battered now, but I guess you can say the little scrapes and such are battle scars. They’re well-earned however and I’m happy, nay, proud to wear them still. These babies have been an essential part of my wardrobe and have been there for some of the most memorable events of my life.

Soon after I acquired them, I walked across the stage in front of my family, friends, and peers to get my high school diploma and to say goodbye  and hello to the next chapter of my life. They were there for the first of many job interviews and they were there when I finally landed the job. They were there for parties and shopping trips and reunions. And they’re still here and they’re gonna be here for a while as I experience many more firsts in the upcoming months and years.

They’re a part of my battle armor. They help me present to the world that I am a strong, confident person and they’re still cute as heck. They have sentimental value and when I look at them, I remember every single one of those moments.

(P.S. Thanks, Mom! Best grad gift ever.)

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