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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thank you

Hello Heather, I enjoyed reading the blog/stories sent in to your contest. What an excellent web site and way to stay in touch with your clients!    Clothing and style are the touchstones of my life. I can date any family photograph by the hair , or the sweater my mother wore.  I was lucky enough to be the daughter of a woman who could turn her hand to anything she chose, and lucky for me she loved fashion as well as all the other arts. Although Mother made a living as a potter and later as a potter and watercolor painter,  in the 1950's when I was a small child,  she made fabulous copper enamel jewelry , wove (or hooked) all the rugs in our home, wove  fabric, sewed our drapes, and then sewed every single item of clothing (except our JC PENNY Panties).   I bought my first store bought item ( a lovely light blue voile with spaghetti straps and a bias cut swirly skirt and lace down the bodice of the sweetheart neckline)  in 1973.      Mom lovingly sewed everything that  my sisters and I wore until we were in college. We were the best dressed girls in our county, and looking back in most any county!     I have ALL the prom dresses mom made us, 4 per year per girl at least.  Each unique and always a shock to our contemporaries ( She taught us to make batik prints and sew them up..a bit different in our cow town.)      What came to mind however,   reading your stories, was, that there is a dress or suit or jacket or hat or  pedal-pusher, prom dress, wrap around pant, petti pant, skirt, blouse or costume to describe each and every time of my life.  Every time I tell a "growing up" story to a friend or customer in my pottery shop or a relative I include the fabric, cut, color, weave, or style of the clothing worn by us all.   As important to me as clothing is, I wonder why I make my living as a potter/glass artist!?  All I can be sure of, is that I tip my hat to all the wonder people who design and sew and sell and believe in the integrity of the lovely clothes I can buy today. Thank You!  Pamela Quyle

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