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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Zap Me, Power Dress!

By Malisa Yang

It has always occurred to me that there was a spark missing from my life. Ever since I was a child, I always failed miserably in every venture I embarked on. In  my third grade Talent Show, I forgot half the dance moves a group of friends and I made up for Britney Spears' song, 'Baby One More Time'. In fourth grade, I started gymnastics, but after a month, I knocked out one of my baby teeth while I was tumbling. In fifth grade, I was in the school play, The Nutcracker, and I got stage fright during my shining moment. In sixth grade, I was in a tether-ball tournament, and in front of all my entire school, the tether-ball smacked me in the face, which was humiliating.   In ninth grade, I tried out for the soccer team, and when I kicked the soccer ball, it went in the opposite direction of where I was aiming. In tenth grade, I tried out for the soccer team again, and this time, I shot the winning goal into the wrong goalpost, ensuring the other team's victory. In eleventh grade, I built a catapult for a local contest, and out of the twenty people who participated, my catapult was placed at twentieth place.
    So all that I endeavored went astray, but everything changed when I bought this gorgeous dress. It really accentuates my waist, and makes my legs look slimmer. It gave me confidence, which really improved my outlook on life, and gave me the courage to keep on trying. Of course, it didn't magically give me David Beckham skills in the field of soccer, but my skills improved because I gave in more hours of practice. My grades in school improved dramatically because I started speaking up in class. Previously, I always shied away from asking questions in class, or answering questions in class, because I always feared I would say something embarrassing.
    The real clincher on how this dress added magic to my life, is that I was wearing this dress when I won fourth place in a speaking contest. This was the closest to winning I have ever been, and it was incredible. Even though I didn't win, I had successfully spoken confidently in front of an entire room full of people, without forgetting any words from my speech. My dress has been my saving grace, as it gave me confidence, which was the spark I needed to truly live my life joyfully.

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